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Peace and Flambe' 2008

Bob Rauschenberg and Kat Epple

Bob Rauschenberg and Kat Epple    photo by: Stephanie Davis

A fifteen-foot-tall flaming peace sign blazed in front of the Sidney and Berne Davis ArtsCenter in downtown Fort Myers as Peace and Flambé – An Art Happening began its nine-day run at the Arts Center and Space 39 Modern and Contemporary Gallery on January 19, 2008. The stainless-steel-and-aluminum sculpture was created especially for the show by Lawrence Voytek, one of three renowned artists whose work was featured in the sixties-inspired event, along with mixed-media painter Michael St. Amand and Emmy-award-winning musician Kat Epple. The three long-time friends and collaborators held an invitation-only private opening on Friday night for 150 VIP guests, including Arts Center patron Berne Davis, pre-eminent artist Bob Rauschenberg, John and Fran Fenning, Barbara Mann and other supporters of the arts in southwest Florida.

The public opening on Saturday night was attended by more than 2000 people, who were treated to fire dancers, drummers and live performances by both Voytek and Epple, whose avant-garde flute compositions were brilliantly complemented by the talented young musicians of the band known as “Pond Water Experiment.”

Flipping Flaming Peace Sign Lighting Davis Arts Center

Terry Tincher and Michael St. Amand at Space 39

Terry Tincher (Owner Space 39) and Michael St. Amand at Space 39
 photo by: Beverly Brennan

Saturday’s opening coincided with Fort Myers’ Bike Night, and scores of motorcycle enthusiasts mingled with the crowds who wandered between the Arts Center, where the live performances and larger art pieces were featured, and Terry Tincher’s Space 39 gallery, which spotlighted the smaller artworks in a more intimate setting which was packed with enthusiastic visitors. The boldest among them opened the cigar boxes featured in many of St. Amand’s newest works, which entice the observer to ignore the hands-off rule of art shows and see what is inside. (Answer: Buddha-in-a-Box, Your Own Personal Jesus, and Heaven.) Almost everyone on the street sported a multi-colored peace sign necklace, provided free to all who attended, and many guests followed the encouragement to dress in sixties style, showing off tie-dye, miniskirts and other retro fashions.

Performance by Lawrence Voytek at the Arts Center.



Commander Voltcheck _ Lawrence Voytek

Lawrence Voytek -
Commander Voltcheck

This homage to the art "Happenings" of the 1960s is a fundraiser for The Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center and is sponsored by Space 39 Modern & Contemporary Gallery .


The Hottest Art Happening of the New Year

PEACE & FLAMBE' Art Happening1 19 2008


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