Peace and Flambe And Art Happening Davis Art Center  Space  39 Gallery Ft Myers Florida Peace and Flambe 1 19 2008
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VIP Night Opening - Peace and Flambe, 01-18-2008
Photos By: Ed Chappell
b_peaceandflambe_lawrence_voytek bob_rauschenberg_berne_david_011808_2 bob_rauschenberg_kat_epple
Peace and Flambe Berne Davis and Bob Rauschenberg Bob Rauschenberg and Kat Epple
bob_rauschenberg_kat_epple_peace ed_chappell_rauschenberg_beverly_brennan_stamand f_lawrence_voytek
Bob Rauschenberg and Kat Epple Ed Chappell, Bob Rauschenberg,
Beverly Brennan,
Michael St. Amand and Kat Epple
Lawrence Voytek
f_lawrence_voytek1 f_lawrence_voytek_commander f_lawrence_voytek_preformance_2
f_lawrence_voytek_prefromance fran_fenning_rauschenberg_john_fenning lawrence_voytek_bob_rauschenberg_mary_voytek
Lawrence Voytek Fran Fenning, Bob Rauschenberg
and John Fenning
Lawrence Voytek,
Bob Rauschenberg
and Mary Voytek
a_outside_tower b_IMG_1525 b_IMG_1526
b_IMG_1527 b_IMG_1537 b_IMG_1545
b_IMG_1546 b_IMG_1557 b_IMG_1561
b_IMG_1564 b_IMG_1567 b_IMG_1568
b_artscenter_tower_lights b_img_1555 b_lawrence_voytek_sculpture
lawrence_voytek_robert_rauschenberg rauschenberg,stamand_epple  
Bob Rauschenberg and Lawrence Voyek         Bob Rauschenberg,
Michael St. Amand
and Kat Epple


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Peace and Flambe Naples Florida

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